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Year 2's African Adventure: making drama out of a crisis!

Year 2's African Adventure: making drama out of a crisis!

To complete our African Adventure project in Year 2, we have been looking at some of the development issues facing communities living in poverty this week, debating potential solutions to the tricky and complex challenges that small, rural, African villages might face. Through drama, the children imagined they lived in a typical, rural African community and re-enacted a typical day in the life of two children.  They thought about how the problems they faced might impact on their lives.

Next, they worked in groups to think of solutions to the issues surrounding water, food, health and education.  Finally, they presented their ideas to the ‘Chief of the Village’, ably played by our wonderful Mrs Andrejczuk.  They debated with each other about which solution should be the priority to spend the Community Fund on.

The children came up with an amazing set of solutions:

1) to install a well and filter system to enable the village to have clean and safe water

2) to invest in some cows that could be bred to provide a sustainable source of food and milk for the village

3) to pay for medication and mosquito nets to prevent and treat the spread of malaria

4) to build a local school so that all children can have an education.

It was great to see that such complex questions were handled with maturity and sensitivity by the children during our discussion and some powerful arguments were made – so much so, that even the Chief couldn’t decide what to do!  The children were thoroughly engaged by the session and  Matilda B even spent her own free time that evening developing a business plan that could potentially solve all four problems for the village!

The challenge for Year 2 pupils is now to become active citizens who are prepared to make a difference by working hard to raise some funds for charity.  We would like them to try and raise a little money for Village Aid (a locally based charity working in Africa) over the half term holiday by doing good deeds for others. So, if you spot a Year 2 and fancy sponsoring them to help you out with an appropriate task, please do ask and I’m sure they will be only too happy to oblige!

As a final celebration of this half term’s project, Year 2’s enjoyed a little African culture by kicking back their heels and doing a spot of African dancing together, including some very energetic  Masai Mara jumping! 

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