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Year 3 Trip to Creswell Crags

Year 3 Trip to Creswell Crags

Our Trip to Creswell Crags

On Thursday 13th October Year 3 excitedly set off for Creswell Crags. We were going there to learn about our new topic, The Stone Age!


First of all we walked around the caves in the gorge. They were amazing! We had to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each cave. My favourite cave was Robin Hood’s cave as it was south facing, was quite high up so it wouldn’t flood and was very spacious.

Next we became little archaeologists and we had to use trowels and brushes to uncover lots of different objects. After identifying what they were, our guide Rachel gave each group a box full of real bones. We had to look at the different parts of the skeleton, piece it together and then work out what the animal was. There was a cave lion, a wolf and a hyena.


After lunch we met a cave lady called River. She told us we could visit her cave as the tribe were out hunting. We had to wear helmets with lights but River called them ‘eggs with magic fire.’ She also called us the tribe from the Bake Wells! She told us all about her life and that the lake in the centre would have been a grassy meadow in the Stone Age where her tribe woul

d hunt reindeer. River also showed us some real flint and explained how the tools were made. Children in the Stone Age were sent into caves to check for any dangerous animals so she asked to go further into the cave to check for danger. Luckily the coast was clear! River’s cave was nice because it was south facing so would have been warm.

Following that we said goodbye and went back to Rachel who taught us some Stone Age survival skills. Our first task was to make a den out of sticks and branches. We put a reindeer skin inside the shelter and placed large stones around the outside to stop the sticks from falling. I then had to throw a spear at a pretend reindeer as if we were going out hunting. The final task was to try and make fire by creating friction. We wrapped the string of a bow around a stick and put it into a wooden block. We took it in turns to move the bow from side to side to try and make the stick heat up.

My favourite part of the day was going in River’s cave. It must have been very hard trying to survive all those years ago. Thank you Miss Flack and Mrs Elvin for a lovely day!

By Caleb Brookes-Burns

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