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Year 3 Village Study

Year 3 Village Study

Year 3 had a fabulous morning in the sunshine studying the villages of Great Longstone and Little Longstone. To link in with our Geography work on Settlements, we spent ten minutes tallying a traffic count to see how many cars, bicycles, motorbikes, lorries, buses and walkers travelled through each village.

We then walked around the two villages noting the houses, shops, schools, churches and pubs found in each. We realised that Great Longstone is a nucleated settlement and Little Longstone is a linear settlement.



 When the surveys had been completed, we sketched a traditional house and also a beautiful chapel. Some of us were able to identify the different types of stone they were made out of and other interesting features such as sash windows, lintels, mullions and archways. Back in the classroom, we will use the information we gathered to look at the differences and similarities between the two villages.





We hope to study our route on a map and create a colour coded key to locate all the different places we found.

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