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Year 3 Visit Cresswell Crags

Year 3 Visit Cresswell Crags

S. Anselm’s School
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15th May 2015

Dear Rob and Liz at Creswell Crags,

Thank you for letting my class visit Creswell Crags on Thursday. I really enjoyed making Stone Age shelters and our team worked well together to create a shelter that we could all fit in!

I learned that you need a hard piece of wood, a soft piece of wood and a bow to make fire. The string on the bow wraps around one of the pieces of wood and you have to pull the bow backwards and forwards to create friction. It was rather difficult but one of our groups managed to make the wood quite hot and we could smell a little bit of smoke.

I loved it when Liz showed us the mammoth tooth – it was enormous!

I never knew that cave men told stories round the fire and it was really exciting when we met a cave woman and she took us into her cave. It was called Robin Hood’s cave and we heard all about her tribe and how they got their name from an elder called ‘Luti’ killing a cave lion.


My favourite part of the day was when we learned how to hunt for food and had to throw spears at a reindeer target. I managed to hit the target twice and so did lots of other children in our tribe.

Thank you again for such a lovely day. I went home and told my mum and dad all about it!

Yours sincerely,

Harriet from the Hyena Tribe        

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