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Year 3 and the Chocolate Factory: visit to Cadbury World

Year 3 and the Chocolate Factory: visit to Cadbury World

To enhance Year 3's current topic of “The Aztecs – Forces of Nature”, the children enjoyed a trip to Cadbury World on Monday 27th February.

The first part of the day was spent learning about the Aztecs and the origins of chocolate.  The children were able to handle different artefacts and even dress up as Montezuma himself!


After lunch they embarked on a tour through an Aztec rainforest, the journey of cocoa to Europe and the processes involved in creating the chocolate that we know and love today. We were able to see the machinery involved in the process of wrapping bars and the different advertisements produced to promote it. The children were then lucky enough to create our own concoction of melted chocolate with a variety of toppings before the finale of the exhilarating 4D ride. 

The day was a great success and will help inspire the children in their current project which involves inventing and advertising their own chocolate creation.



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