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Year 3 discover Egyptian artefacts

Year 3 discover Egyptian artefacts

On Thursday 8th June, Year 3 pupils thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mr James Lewis who had kindly taken the time to come and speak to them about Ancient Egypt. 

Initially the children were all given an artefact to examine (in some cases they were over 3,000 years old!) and then with their partners had to guess what the ancient Egyptians would have used the object for.  There were some super suggestions but the hair ornament owned by Queen Hatshepsut was definitely the hardest to guess.

Some of the highlights were undoubtedly the pair of wooden ears sewn on the outside of the Mummy so the dead could hear in the afterlife, a 3,000 year old canopic jar and the student re-enactment of a scarab beetle rolling a ball of dung! 


A huge thanks to Mr Lewis for his informative and entertaining talk.

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