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Year 3 face the Dragons!

Year 3 face the Dragons!

Year 3 in the Dragons’ Den!

To conclude our topic on Magnetic Forces, the children in Year 3 were given a final challenge! They had to pool together all the knowledge they had gathered and use it to think of a magnetic invention that could help make life easier. A brainstorming session started the proceedings and then the children had to decide on an invention that they would ‘pitch’ to the dragons (Junior Forms’ teachers) and Year 4 and 5 pupils.

They had to persuade the audience that their idea was the best so they provided lots of detail such as how the invention works, who the invention is for and why it will help them. They also had to explain how the magnetic force will be used either to attract or repel. All of the groups spoke very confidently and even managed to field some difficult questions from the dragons!

Afterwards, the Dragons and pupils had to vote for their favourite idea. The Magnetic Climbing Experience, Handyman’s Dream and Magnetic Flying Robot all received lots of healthy votes but the winner was Accident Avoidance. This invention used magnets fitted to car bumpers to repel other cars so the roads would be much safer.

Well done to all the Year 3 pupils and thank you to the Dragons who seemed to slip into their new roles with relative ease! 

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