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Year 3 visit the world of Cadbury's Chocolate

Year 3 visit the world of Cadbury's Chocolate

When we arrived at Cadbury World we met our guide Emily who took our group into a room. Emily told us more about the Aztecs. She told us that Montezuma was the leader of the Aztecs and dressed Amelia up as Montezuma the second. Amelia chose Emma and Mr Feldman to be dressed up too. Emma was Mrs Aztec and Mr Feldman was a slave. Emily told us a really interesting fact that Emma’s dress was made out of a cactus! Did you know that inside a cactus it is squidgy and you can make a dress out of the fibres!


 Mr Feldman was made to mash up ‘rocks’ that we later found out were cocoa beans. Even though he did a good job, Mrs Aztec still had to punish her slave by hitting poor Mr Feldman with a cactus! The Aztces seemed to use a cactus for lots of different things! Emily then handed some real cocoa beans around in a cocoa pod. We smelt them and held them. The aroma in the room smelt just like delicious chocolate!


After the talk had finished we went to watch a 4D cinema show with moving seats. To get to the cinema we had to go in an elevator like the one from Charlie and Chocolate Factory!


In the afternoon we walked along a swirly path that led us through the history of chocolate. We started with the Aztecs and I saw models of Aztec people and warriors. We also stood on Montezuma’s bridge and saw Cortez, the leader of the Spanish, who put an end to the Aztec Empire. We followed the path and watched lots of little plays with miniature people acting out what happened when chocolate arrived in England. Samuel Pepys even wrote about it in his famous diary! We went into a room and watched a video about cocoa beans. We were jiggled about and then dried as if we really were cocoa beans! We were even squirted with air! It was lots of fun.

 Next we saw how all the chocolate is put into moulds and packaged. My favourite part was watching all the brown chocolate going into a machine, through a tunnel and then coming out wrapped as a proper chocolate bar! Emma, Ollie, Amelia and I went on the Cadabra ride which took us through lots of pretend cocoa beans that sang songs, skied and climbed mountains.

Last of all we finally tasted some delicious melted chocolate; I chose a topping of buttons and marshmallows! Whilst eating the chocolate we were able to watch some people decorating Easter eggs by squeezing chocolate through piping bags. It was an amazing day and I learnt so much! Thank you very much to Mr Feldman and Miss Flack for taking us.


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