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Year 4 Visit Dewa Experience in Chester

Year 4 Visit Dewa Experience in Chester

It was time again for the Year 4 annual pilgrimage to DEWA Roman Experience in Chester.  The children started the visit with a journey through a Roman fortress where they were able to look at a Roman soldier’s armour, food that was brought to Britain by the Romans, a bath house and a dormitory where the soldiers slept.

After this we were able to look at the excavations that had taken place under the museum and then enjoy the “hands on” area where the children could play with a range of activities such firing catapults, building hypocausts and trying on various clothing and armour.

The highlight, however, was the walk through Chester with a Roman soldier.  The children learnt the Latin names for each piece of equipment he used, how to fight like a Roman and how to form a “tortoise” formation when in battle.

Yr 4 visit DEWA Chester Yr 4 visit DEWA Chester

It was a super excursion that enabled the children to experience an important period in British history.

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