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Year 4's wild woodwork project comes to fruition

Year 4's wild woodwork project comes to fruition

Year 4 have worked hard all term to create beautiful woodland furniture with pictures of local flora and fauna laser cut into it to help children identify wildlife they may see in the school grounds.  A local craftswoman, Netty, helped with the project. 

The children were initially given a block of rough oak and, working in groups, they used sanders and planes to smooth off the oak and prepare it for the laser cutting, as well as making sure people sitting on the furniture wouldn’t get splinters.  Minibeast hunts then started and the children researched the types of flora and fauna found around school.  They then worked hard to draw pictures of the wildlife and this was then laser cut into the wood. 

The finished products look beautiful and children are already enjoying sitting on the furniture during break times.


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