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Year 5 build their own 'Brilliant Bridges'

Year 5 build their own 'Brilliant Bridges'

Year 5 are currently studying bridges as their class project this term. As well as looking at bridges from around the World, the children have been exploring the enormous variety of bridge types and mechanisms as well as studying forces.

Mr Robinson’s classroom has been a hive of activity as the children were industriously putting the finishing touches on their own bridge models … with some spectacular results!

Among the teams, many different materials and techniques have been used, either to recreate famous bridges or conjure up new designs from the children’s imaginations. Some of the children have also been inspired to carry on their designs at home, with Sebastian R creating a wonderful replica of Tower Bridge (complete with cars) and James G visiting family workshops and using wood bending techniques to create an impressive suspension bridge.


You can view our complete album of bridge photos on the S. Anselm’s Facebook page.

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