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Year 5 take on the world of high finance!

Year 5 take on the world of high finance!

Year 5 had an excellent Maths Challenge day in Nottingham at Capital One.

The morning was packed full off maths activities involving working in teams with a budget sheet to complete. The children received money from the Banker and could spend it in the shop on a variety of items such as One Direction concert tickets or a new kitten. The children needed to plan ahead as they never knew when an unexpected bill may come in. The next activity involved solving maths puzzles to crack a code, the group called Ka-ching were the first to open the safe. Well done, Miles, Charlie, Tom, Ben and James. It was clear to see which children wanted to spend, spend, spend and which wanted to save for their future.

We then had a tour of the Capital One building and by the end most children decided they wanted a career in finance. The staff have a gym and a room where you can a relaxing massage, a games room, a huge restaurant, themed rooms, a lego wall, desks which move up and down and a competition booth.

After lunch we visited Nottingham Council where we were given a talk about bridges and the tram system. We saw a huge bridge moved into place by sliding it on fairy liquid while trains travelled below. A fun and informative day.

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