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Year 6 visit to Bosworth Battle Field

Year 6 visit to Bosworth Battle Field

“What if ...”, “So, the history of England could have been so different …”

These were two comments heard spoken by our inquisitive Year 6 children. Their trip to the Battle of Bosworth Field on Thursday 14th September gave them the opportunity to appreciate that events, such as the Battle of Bosworth, have had a huge impact on our history.

Everyone went on a battlefield walk to experience the location. They re-enacted the battle as pupils took on the role of Richard III, Henry Tudor and the influential Stanley family who ultimately dictated the outcome of the battle and Henry Tudor becoming Henry VII.

The afternoon saw the pupils take part in a weapons display. They learned how to use a range of weapons, such as the sword and poleaxe; wincing at the gruesome ways that Medieval soldiers killed each other. It was interesting to see the versatility of the humble pitchfork as a common weapon.


It was very pleasing for staff that the bus driver complimented our children on their good manners and behaviour. Very well done, Year 6.


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