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Year 7 Geography & History Visit to Castleton

Year 7 Geography & History Visit to Castleton

The local area became the focus of geography and history studies for Year 7, in their visit to Castleton last week.

By exploring Castleton, the objective was to ascertain whether tourism is in fact of a positive or a negative impact for the region. Footpath surveys noted erosion on the side of Mam Tor, traffic and pedestrian flows recorded numbers and then a business survey highlighted whether shops and services were intended for locals or the tourists. The final data collection took the form of a questionnaire to record viewpoints and hopefully the year group will return with a few of those themselves. This information will be analysed and used to write up a project worth 20% of the Common Entrance examination.

Our focus then turned to the imposing ruins of Peveril Castle, perched high above Castleton, and one of England’s earliest Norman fortresses. After the climb up to the stone keep, Year 7 explored the bailey and admired the views. The children will now be completing a write up about siege and defence strategies used in the Middle Ages.

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