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Year 7 visit Longstone Edge

Year 7 visit Longstone Edge

Year 7 went to Longstone Edge to conduct field work for their Geography projects and for once we were lucky with the weather! The aim of the project is to investigate the impact of the quarrying by Glebe Mine on Longstone Edge.                 

Glebe Mines is the only producer of indigenous fluorspar in the UK.  The economic impact has to be assessed by the pupils, as well as investigating the environmental damage the quarrying causes. It is a chance for the older students to consider whether the economic or the environmental arguments are the strongest in the Peak national Park and how any conflicts can be solved.


The children walked up onto the Edge, enjoying the views, before comparing three sites of open cast mining in various states of work. After a scenic lunch, looking over Great Longstone village and Monsal Head, we strolled back to school, conducting a land use survey and just finding enough time for an ice cream stop. The data will now be used as the basis for a thorough project write up which will take up the first part of the Michaelmas Term.

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