S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Years 1 and 2 visit Poole's Cavern

Years 1 and 2 visit Poole's Cavern

Y1 & 2 Outing to Poole’s Cavern

The Year 1 and 2 children prepared themselves for one of the hottest days of the year by getting wrapped up in tracksuits and coats! They thought the teachers had a bad case of end-of-term-itus but were relieved they had as they stepped into the chilly cave (7 degrees to be exact). As we wondered at the cave with our guide Brendan the children were fascinated by the sights all around them. They each made a wish by putting their thumb inside the wishing stone and looked high and low for the goblin who had the most beautiful house!

 We welcomed the warmth of the woods as we emerged from the cave, here began our woodland adventure with Carmela by listening to the sounds around us, just at that moment a friendly dog joined our expedition and was eager to give Isabella a kiss! Following that the children worked excellently in teams to build dens or animal homes. Finally the children rose to the challenge of building a fire and did so with precision, it was the perfect opportunity to toast marshmallows. Yum!  


The day wouldn’t be complete without a delicious ice cream by the shade of the beech trees.

A wonderful and adventurous day to finish the term!