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Years 4 and 5 visit Magna

Years 4 and 5 visit Magna

On Thursday 28th January, Years 4 and 5 travelled to the Magna centre in Sheffield to put our science hats on for a day of investigation and experimentation. We were lucky enough to attend two workshops over the course of the day which included making paint and causing explosions (of a small kind), while learning about solids, liquids and gases and another on electricity and making circuits using all sorts of materials.


As well as this we visited the incredible fire pavilion with the warming fire tornado, the air pavilion with a wobbly bridge and the biggest hit, the water pavilion where we endeavoured not to get too wet. Each pavilion was a great experience and held some fascinating information, unfortunately we were unable to visit the earth pavilion due to lack of time but hope to go back again next year.

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