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Years 5 & 7 are Spaced Out

Years 5 & 7 are Spaced Out

On Friday 11th March, the Y5 and Y7 classes visited Leicester Space Centre.  The morning was spent exploring the various themed stations, an incredible experience in the Sir Patrick Moor Auditorium, an enormous domed room totally covered in a digital screen, and looking at many fascinating displays around the centre.

In the afternoon, the Y5s programmed robot explorers to perform tasks of ever increasing complexity, with great enthusiasm and many successes.

Year 7 had an informative workshop about everything you need to know about being an astronaut , including how to put on your nappy! They also learnt about neutral gravity and how it affects the body internally and externally, and how atmospheric pressure can affect body temperatures.

Then, with time running short, we launched ourselves through the activities in the high tower, before finally landing in the gift shop.

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