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Year 1 Visit Sudbury Hall

Year 1 Visit Sudbury Hall

Both Year one classes set off for a journey back in time to ignite our topic all about toys. The journey itself proved to be very exciting as we sat in traffic to watch a wide load, carrying what looked like Santa’s Grotto, pass us by.     


Once we arrived at Sudbury Hall we were greeted by Hazel and Betty, our knowledgeable guides for the day. The museum offered an opportunity to look closely at push and pull toys, gravity toys, puzzles, games, dolls, bears, dolls houses and many other categories of toys – all of which were very different! We discussed and compared their materials, how they were made, how they worked, who would have enjoyed to play with them and carefully played with the toys ourselves. We particularly liked the gravity toys. The children also enjoyed playing with outdoor games and toys in a large group in a pretend street – similar to the ways in which Victorian children would have played.


We took five minutes out to have a little lie-down and look at the upside down bedrooms. The children noticed the similarities and differences. Even though the rooms were on the ceiling we could still identify the toys through time in each bedroom!


We even managed to squeeze in a bit of work as we took on the role of a chimney sweeper, sooty noses were compulsory!