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Young Enterprise Innovation Day

Young Enterprise Innovation Day

On Thursday 27th April, Kinder (Year 9) attended an innovation competition day near Barlborough. This was run by Young Enterprise and had a focus on team work and ‘thinking outside the box’ to solve novel problems.

The day started with team building exercises, which involved passing the whole team through a set of ropes. The children then split into two separate groups for the rest of the day.

They looked at what their ‘employable skills’ are and discussed what type of problem solver they are. The first task was to build a bridge out of newspaper and sticky tape that could span a gap and support a water bottle.

The second task was to design and pitch a new product that could be made with two coat hangers. We ended up with a pair of novelty glasses and some matching wrist bands.

After lunch, we embarked on the main focus for the day. We spent an hour on RS Live, a mobile innovation truck kitted out with cutting edge design and engineering technology. It has active feedback systems involving monitoring the conditions inside a mini greenhouse, a controllable robotic arm, a thermal sensor, design programs, a 3D printer and raspberry pi’s that had been set up to do various tasks. After a tour and chat with the manager, the two teams were set the task to design a better, more efficient truck. There were lots of fantastic ideas from using renewable energy, adding additional pods, improving set up time and introducing wifi and tablets. The two groups then had to give a pitch to the whole RS Live team, including showing detailed plans and diagrams.

Well done Kinder on your hard work and creativity in solving problems!

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