Boarders Weekend 21st June

Boarders Weekend 21st June

This was a weekend when the parents were fully involved and the fields around the school were filled with the sound of the soft thwack of leather on willow, the pop of champagne corks, the clunk of picnic baskets and laughter. Just as Fathers’ day should be celebrated!

After a fabulous breakfast, the children had an hour or so just to relax and get into the swing of things. Then some had a swim, watched a film and played some sports on the bottom field. Soon after this, some beautiful Derbyshire sausages were flung onto the BBQ and Mr Berry, Mr Mace and Mr Watt got cooking. The children basked in the sun and ran around without a care in the world.

Woven into this carefree morning were the beginnings of some ferocious cricket matches and equally well contested rounders matches. The fathers beat the sons in the last over of the match and the U11 A team had an exciting game too The rounders competition was hugely entertaining with the mothers showing their daughters just how to they should play.

Soon after lunch the junior girls ventured out to the Tissington Estate where Sir Richard Fitzherbert (a parent) had kindly laid on a private tour of the house and the grounds. The girls had a fabulous time but the tea afterwards was major hit! The junior boys took a short walk into Bakewell where they basked in the sun, drank fizzy pop, played some quick cricket and football. Hot feet were cooled by a paddle in the Wye and greedy mouths devoured the most fantastic ice-creams!

However, perhaps the most exciting endeavour undertaken this Sunday was the 4th Year Leadership Day overseen by Mr and Mrs Northcott at Adventure Quest in Buxton. The boys and girls had a fantastic time on high ropes, taking “the leap of faith”, doing team building tasks and generally testing themselves to the limit! They worked very well together and learnt that you have two ears to listen with and only one mouth, and that the associated activities should be in that sort of proportion. Given the amount of shrieking and laughter today that is indeed good advice. The pupils worked in teams to trust each other as they climbed huge climbing walls, jumped off 40 ft totem poles and built castles that they had to balance on. In the afternoon there were spiders’ webs to navigate through, rivers to cross, and exercises that involved brains and team work.

Overall they all did fantastically well and surprised each other and themselves. Lots of food for thought was provided with regard to potential Prefects! Many thanks to Mrs Northcott and Mr Berry for ferrying the rest of the year group in two other minibuses. Mr Northcott was ever present and his watchful eye was appraising the children to see who his Head prefects, prefects, monitors will be next year… watch this space!

The evening service was, perhaps, one of the most moving services Mrs Lings has delivered as she spoke of the powerful love a father has for a child and also wished a fond farewell to the 5th year leavers. Thus the day came to a happy end and weary heads hit pillows.

Next week is the Parents and Boarders’ walk to Chatsworth – don’t forget to pack the sun tan lotion in the picnic basket!