Boarders' Weekend 7th and 8th March

Boarders' Weekend 7th and 8th March

This was a great weekend to be a boarder at S. Anselm's. The cross-country run on Saturday afternoon was hotly contested and it was wonderful to see the boys and girls supporting each other so enthusiastically. After pipping hot soup, the trial boy boarders entered into School House. Then, after a fun splash about in the pool, it was back to houses to play board games and the 3rd Year boys scoffed maltesers as they played, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". The girls snuggled up to watch videos and be pampered by their house parents and the 5th Year boys were enthralled by a cracking blockbuster after their usual Saturday night treat Pot Noodle.

The next day, the boys and girls pounced out of bed eager to get on with their day. After listening to one of Winston Churchill's school reports the boys raced down to the usual full English breakfast before having a seminar on letter writing followed by a hearty hymn practice led by Mr Weller. Soon after this, the pupils filed down to the Bakewell church and behaved as magnificent ambassadors for the school in the community.  A cracking informal concert then took place in the Hargreaves Hall to which a number of parents came.

There was a little time to breathe before the afternoon activities commenced. The rain and cold meant that exploring across the Peaks and widegames outside had to be abandoned but that didn't hold anyone back.

Well over twenty of the boarders went to the heart of Sheffield where they skidded and pranced across the ice with enormous enthusiasm. They tried out their, "Dancing On Ice" moves and some real poise and balance was demonstrated by the crew who accompanied the Wellers and Berrys on their icy adventure. Many slips, trips, falls and flops accompanied some truly talented skating and even a bit of dancing. There were a few bruises but on the whole the Berry's and Weller's were hugely impressed with the agility of our budding skaters. However, I am told it will take a few more visits before they really are dancing on ice!

Back at base we had some baking, some Cornish Long Ball in the gym and a film. Mrs Bhamra also took an arts and crafts workshop and some of the boys were allowed to watch a fabulous afternoon of premiership rugby on Sky TV.

Everyone was well catered for as always but the day had not yet ended. That evening, the boarders put on the inaugural "Boarders' Review". This was basically a talent show but really came across as an extravaganza of singing, dancing and music. The boys and girls acquitted themselves superbly and the roof was raised with hearty applause from the many parents who had come in to watch their children. Well over one hundred pounds was given to support Lepra - a charity created to combat leprosy across the globe. This will be added to the money raised by the charity walk the previous weekend, so there has been lots of fun and energy in the name of a good cause. Next weekend is an exeat - phew!