Charitable Status Confirmed

Charitable Status Confirmed


S. Anselm’s is delighted to announce that the Charity Commission has today (Thursday July 8) announced that the school does merit charitable status.

We were one of five schools selected by the Commission for a pilot test last year to gauge if we provided sufficient “public benefit” to the outside community - both in terms of means-tested bursaries and access to its facilities - to justify charitable status.

The inspectors praised S. Anselm’s for benefits it offers to the local community, including use of our music block for grading examinations and enabling local schools, clubs, youth and church groups to regularly use the swimming pool, sports hall, theatre and dining room facilities.

They decided, however, that we did not fully meet the criteria and gave us a year to produce a plan to satisfy them that the totality of benefits can be described as providing a sufficient opportunity to benefit in a material way for those who cannot afford the fees, including people in poverty.

This year we have enjoyed a record-breaking year for scholarships and awards with 23 of our 35 leavers gaining them to some of the country's top public schools and once more achieving a 100% Common Entrance pass rate.

At the same time as achieving these outstanding results, Headmaster Simon Northcott, the Governors and senior management team have put "significant efforts" into working on the public benefit plan.

This has been considered by the Charity Commission and it has announced today (July 8) that S. Anselm’s has met the criteria. In a report on its website it says: "...taking into account the totality of benefits offered, the governors' plan demonstrates that they are administering S. Anselm's for the public benefit."

Simon Northcott says: "We are, of course, delighted that the Commission has recognised the changes made since the assessment last year and considers that they are sufficient to meet the public benefit criteria.

"We believe that they are in proportion to what we can meaningfully provide and sustain in the future.”

Among the changes introduced at S. Anselm's are an increase in the maximum value of the bursary award from 90% to 100% of the fees, advertising the availability of bursaries even more widely in the press as well as on the school's website and increasing the number of bursaries from one to three.

The key factors on which the Charity Commission has based its conclusions about S. Anselm's are outlined in a summary report on its website -