The arguments for the 'spin-off' value of Latin are well-known and often appear in articles and letters in the serious national press. At S. Anselm's we believe strongly in the study of Classical Latin for its own sake. Roughly two thirds of pupils study Latin and there is a small number also studying Ancient Greek, taught to Scholarship level. These pupils show great commitment to the Classics and would mainly continue with Ancient Greek and Latin at their senior schools.
There is also the possibility of studying Classical Civilization for those who find the language demanding.

In some senior schools to which our pupils go, Latin is taught 'across the board' to all new entrants. In many others it is an 'option', often time-tabled against exciting 'new' subjects. We obviously hope that all pupils will continue to GCSE. Those who find the language element demanding can in many senior schools choose the increasingly popular Classical Civilization course.

Latin is taught at S. Anselm's for four years, beginning at the start of Year 5. This course leads either to Academic Scholarship or Common Entrance.
Pupils begin their studies with Barbara Bell's popular book Minimus and then move on to Latin Prep by Theo Zinn. This course is specifically designed to meet all levels of Common Entrance. Scholars follow an accelerated course, enhancing their knowledge in Year 6with Latin readers as they aim for scholarship.

Above all we want our pupils to gain knowledge and enjoyment from their study of Latin and to leave us wanting more.

Sara Taylor
Head of Classics