S. Anselm's School


At S. Anselm’s Nursery we aim to create a stimulating learning and teaching environment where everybody feels valued by having some ownership in the decision making process, so contributing to Nursery development and improvement.
We aim to promote a calm and creative atmosphere where our backgrounds are celebrated throughout. Experiential learning is encouraged under an ethos where learners feel safe and secure to experiment and not afraid to take risks. We pride ourselves on our abilities to adapt to change and welcome innovations that may help to raise self-esteem and ultimately achievement for all learners.
Our aims are stated in the following key messages that the Nursery works and adheres to:
The Nursery offers the highest possible quality education and care for all the children who attend.

The Nursery is a place which values respectful, caring and trusting relationships which reflect, celebrate and build on our diversity.

Children have the right to be understood as individuals and to be given the time and opportunity to develop as creative, competent learners in a safe, stimulating secure and welcoming environment, inside and outdoor.

The Nursery offers play based learning experiences through an appropriate broad and balanced Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Self-esteem, respect and tolerance for peers are developed through interaction and co-operative play based activities.

The children’s’ independence, curiosity, and creativity is encouraged in order to lead them into being life-long learners.

The children are supported in being courageous and in taking risks, challenging themselves and each other.

The parents and children know they have a voice, feel heard, and know that their opinions count.

The Nursery is place where families feel welcome, able to work in partnership with the staff and all communications are open and transparent.

The Nursery staff endeavour to establish and maintain a dynamic and inclusive ethos which ensures there are consistently high expectations for all.

The staff continue to learn from best practice, keeping abreast of local and national initiatives and, where appropriate, incorporating new developments in the Nursery.

The nursery endeavours to ensure that the children experience a wealth of exciting and fun activities, and they are happy, confident and eager to continue their education.