S. Anselm's School


P. Potts, CBE,
Old Anselmian

R. Howard
Vice Chairman
Present parent

J.A. Boddy
Old Anselmian, past parent

C.M.P. Bush
Headmaster, Oundle School

A. Clark 
Headmaster, Malvern College

Mrs J. Litchfield
Present parent

Mrs K. Mayson
Present parent

C. Nieper
Present parent

N Strawson
Past parent

M.J. Tunbridge
Old Anselmian, past parent

M. Twelves
Present parent

The role of the Governors is to give strategic direction to the School, to appoint the Head and to oversee the functioning of the Head and the effective development of the School.

In addition to termly Governors meetings there are small working groups that meet regularly covering the following areas:
• Finance Committee – who oversee the financial direction of the school
• Appointments Panel – who oversee future appointments to the Governors
• Marketing Strategy Committee

We also have designated Governors who are responsible for the following areas, and who attend regular meetings at school:
• Early Years / Nursery / Pre Prep
• Educational Issues
• Staff/Governor communication
• Pastoral Matters
• Health and Safety
• Child Protection
• Old Anselmian Society
• S. Anselm’s Foundation (in charge of the Bursary Fund and raising funds for Capital Expenditure projects)

Any ideas or concerns should, in the first instance, be directed through the Headmaster.