House Steeplechases 2011

House Steeplechases 2011



Conditions were perfect for this afternoon’s house cross country races; a sunny, clear and crisp day, although there was certainly a nip in the air, particularly by the time it was the year 7 and 8 boys’ turn! The course involved running around the bottom field and top field, with the top field having the steeplechase equipment positioned on it; in the form of jumping over bales of hay and through a water jump. The juniors had one lap of the course to run, middles two laps and the seniors three laps. The majority of the runners enjoyed the challenge, tried hard and completed the course with enthusiasm.


It was great to see so many of the S. Anselm’s staff helping out in a variety of ways; from marking out the course; supervising the athletes prior to and after their races; ensuring the runners were warmed up; marshalling the course; placing the athletes and recording the race results; providing first aid; filming and photographing the event; or providing vital refreshments for the runners and supporters. Thanks to you all for helping the event run so smoothly and for ensuring we kept to schedule. It was also good to see so many supporters for each of the races, well done for braving the cold conditions and thank you for your fair and positive support of all the athletes.


The juniors were the first to run and all were very excited at the start, keen to be the first to try out the straw jumps and water jump. This was the only race that saw the boys and girls running together, although they were separately placed at the end of the race. The Nelsons’ girls totally dominated, finishing in the top five places; whilst with the boys it was a little more even between houses, with new pupils Jack and George finishing in the top three. A close finish at the end of the middle girls’ race saw Georgina just pipping Georgia on the finish line. It was definitely a day for siblings, with Chloe and Jess in the top two in the senior girls’ race and Bertie and Sam also running very well. The Worksop College Regional Cross Country is just around the corner and it is clear from today that we are certainly going to have another strong school team to enter in each of the four races. Well run everybody, thank you for your enthusiasm and determination; it was also good to see so many of you supporting and encouraging the other athletes in the races, well done!



Below is a summary of the top three runners in each race; full results and an announcement as to which house was the overall victor are to follow.


Y3 & Y4 Girls: 1st Amber H (Nelsons); 2nd Tara O’R (Nelsons); 3rd Katie M (Nelsons).

Y3 & Y4 Boys: 1st Sam W (Churchills); 2nd Jack W (Wellingtons); 3rd George W (Wellingtons)

Y5 & Y6 Girls: 1st Georgina T (Churchills); 2nd Georgia R (Wellingtons); 3rd Clare T (Pitts)

Y5 & Y6 Boys: 1st Bertie S (Churchills); 2nd George M (Churchills); 3rd Alasdair C (Pitts) 

Y7 & Y8 Girls: 1st Chloe R-S (Pitts); 2nd Jessica R-S (Pitts); 3rd Roxane B (Churchills)

Y7 & Y8 Boys: 1st William A (Churchills); 2nd Alexandre V (Pitts); 3rd Bertie W (Churchills)