House Tennis Competition

House Tennis Competition

The house tennis tournament was blessed with the sort of weather Wimbledon can only dream of ! Separated into two competitions; Juniors from the 2nd and 3rd Year followed by Seniors from the 4th and 5th Years. It was a mixed doubles tournament, but due to the limitations of time was played around a tie-break system.


There was some tremendous play in from all the pupils and the competition was strong with each house fielding an A, B and C pairing.






In the senior competition the results were exceptionally close with the total outcome depending on points to decide between first and second place, with only a 4 point difference.


1st Nelsons

2nd Wellingtons

3rd Churchills

4th Pitts



The Juniors results were similarly close with the overall results for 3rd and 4th depending on matches won.


1st Wellingtons

2nd Churchills

3rd Nelsons

4th Pitts