Prep Schools should be all about having fun with your friends, growing up in a safe and secure environment, and fulfilling one’s potential. I believe at S. Anselm’s we do all these things supremely well.

We are not blessed with a fancy stately home as a main building but what we do have (which I think is much more important) is a fantastic atmosphere that is only enhanced by the stunning surroundings of the Peak District National Park. Visitors and regulars alike, comment on the friendly warm feel of the school and the well mannered polite pupils here. These qualities are vital to me and enable the pupils here to enjoy themselves thoroughly. With this “joie de vivre” comes fulfilment: academically it is a happy child that learns best, and socially we have the space and the facilities for our pupils to play and make life long friends.

Ultimately our pupils leave confident in themselves and their ability to interact with others, enthused about life and ready to make their next steps into the bigger world of senior schools. They leave with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face.