National IAPS Championships at Malvern College

National IAPS Championships at Malvern College

The traditional course for this annual event, over the Malvern Common and through the College grounds, proved to be a winner in this beautiful part of Worcestershire. The course, with a stream to jump, provided an exciting cross-country experience. The first section of the course had all the hill climbing over rough grass, while the second section runs over the manicured lawns of the ‘Senior’ and ‘Junior Turf’ of Malvern College grounds. This gave spectators and team mates an extended view of the finish in what proved to be some very exciting racing.

Our three teams worked really hard today: competing against teams from all over England and what’s more, often of a much older age group, making our results impressive.

The programme included:

Under 11 Girl’s Race at 1700m, with 38 school teams competing.

Under 11 Boy’s Race at 2600m, with 40 school teams competing.

Under 13 Boy’s Race at 3200m, with 25 school teams competing.

Certainly it was a step up for all, as both course and distance were challenging and the standard was very high.

Our Under 11 Girls Team comprised of Georgina T, Georgia R, Lydia G, Victoria A, Amelia W and Imogen H. There were 230 runners in this race and only 182 finished.

Georgina Tarling            75th

Georgia Renshaw          108th

Imogine Harper              167th

Victoria Attwood             175th

Lydia Green                    176th

Sophia Duguid                181st

Amelia Wilson                 182nd


These were all fantastic runs and it was a great achievement to finish the gruelling course.



The Under 11 Boys Team was next up. Here our team comprised of two boys from Year 4, Sam W and George W, and a staggering 4 boys from Year 3 :Toby DLB, Shea J, Edward T and Jack W, who had earned their place by running so well in our own school event. There were 240 runners in this race and 210 finished.  The results were;


George Whawell            147th

Sam Watts                     151st

Shea John                      159th

Jack Whawell                 176th

Edward Tarling               197th

Toby de la Billiere          199th


It was a great achievement for these young boys to run a demanding 2600m course.


The Under 13 Boy’s Team comprised of Jonah G, George M, Bertie S, Monty H, Peter T and George S although they are mainly only 10 or 11. Mrs. S commented that a lot of our competitors looked like they were already shaving! There were 160 runners in this race with 150 finishing. The results were;

Bertie Speed   69th   This was an outstanding achievement for a boy so young

George Mallinson         130th

Peter Thorne    142nd A marvellous run showing great fight for a Year 5

Jonah Greetham            144th

George Shirley              147th

Monty Hardcastle          148th

Thank you for all the parent supporters. You really gave the runners a boost, and also helped enormously with the logistics of the day, with the start and finish quite separate.