Nursery Camel Trains

Nursery Camel Trains

Nursery’s mini topic was triggered by Donald’s interest as to what life in the desert would be like.
We have been looking at some of the animals that are suited to living in such harsh conditions and the camels have been our favourite.

We liked the way that the trains of camels travelled across the sand dunes holding onto each other’s tails. So we decided to make our own camel trains.

The children in reception and nursery dragged the PE equipment up to the top field and set up an obstacle course- but this was no ordinary race!

The children had to complete the course tied together in a line just like the camel train.
This was not a contest of speed but one of team work and cooperation.

To complete the gruelling challenge all camels in a team had to cross the finish line still attached to their team mates.
All teams successfully got their members over, under, round and along the route and we were extremely impressed by the consideration and cooperation that our little ones demonstrated.