S. Anselm's School

Our Food Ethos

Our Food Ethos

All of those who are involved in the complex task of deciding the menus for the school are passionate about their food and its provenance.  We asked them about their opinions:

Julie Greatrex who is Catering Manager at S. Anselm’s:
‘My passion is food (and eating!) and my top priority is delivering a well balanced, nutritious, fun and exciting menu that the children enjoy. I am hard working, totally committed to S. Anselm’s and most importantly the children! Since I have become Catering Manager at S. Anselm's we have raised the standards and quality of the food and it is our mission to continue to improve all areas of the food.’

Lisa Donnelly
Head of Pre-Prep

‘In my role as Head of Pre-Prep I am very conscious about what the children are eating throughout the school day. I like to know they are eating healthily and having a good balanced diet. All my staff try to encourage the children to try a good variety of foods and to keep trying them- even if they think they don’t like them! I see, on a day to day basis, what is popular and what children are reluctant to eat and am able to give feedback to the staff to implement improvements.’

Nicky Stonebridge
General Manager, Organic Food for Schools, Lower Hurst Farm and current parent

‘As a mother of three I am very conscious of what children eat and its nutritional value. In a work capacity, I set up ‘Organic Food for Schools’ in partnership with Lower Hurst Farm, an organic beef farm in Hartington, Derbyshire. The aim of this is to provide children with quality meat that they enjoy and to give parents the reassurance that they know where the food that they eat comes from. As part of this I have close links with Derbyshire County Council Catering Department, The Soil Association and The School Food Trust. I am able to input this, my experience of working with local councils and independent schools and providing food products that meet the latest Government guidelines.’