S. Anselm's School

Parents’ Information

Nursery Timings

The Nursery is open 5 days a week, offering morning and afternoon sessions.
Morning:       8:45 to 11:45                                                                                                                                   Lunch:          11:45 to 12:30                                                                                                                               Afternoon:    12:30 to 3:30
Starting times are flexible

Routines and Activities

The children are encouraged to engage in a range of activities of their own choosing. These activities have been carefully planned through observation based teacher assessments and working with you their parent. The activities include sand and water play, painting and craft based work, construction, games and puzzles, ICT, cooking and music. Some activities are taught by specialist teachers, dance, French and swimming.
The timetable of events may vary from term to term; the staff will keep you updated. A significant part of the curriculum is taught outside, using the school grounds and the Nursery outside area.
Snacks and Meals

All meals are prepared in the school and the planned menus reflect the importance given to providing the children with healthy, tasty and nutritious food. The nursery children are encouraged to try different foods but please let the staff know if there is any food your child cannot tolerate.


Learning through play is often in a very exploratory, sensory way and can be rather messy. In the nursery aprons etc. are provided but accidents can happen so please send your child in washable, practical clothing- easy fastenings to aid independence when toileting and changing are also useful. As a significant time is spent outdoors your child will need waterproof clothing (trousers and jackets) and wellingtons. We will be out in all weathers so warm ones too! Sun hats in the summer, dance clothes, plimsolls and swimming apparel may also be necessary.

Illness or absence

Please contact the office with any details of illness or absence. Miss Aiken can also be contacted during school times by telephone (01629) 812734 extension 227 or by e- mail. Please do not hesitate to speak to either Miss Sarah Aitken or Mrs Robinson with any questions regarding your child’s nursery education.

We look forward to working with you in providing the best possible start to your child’s education.