S. Anselm's School


The greatest importance is attached to the quality of pastoral care provided for the children at S. Anselm's.

New children are assigned both a junior and a senior guide to look after them throughout their first few weeks while they settle in.

Each class has a Tutor who spends time with the children every morning. The tutor conducts two weekly lessons in Personal, Social and Health Education, and is always being available to discuss any issues a child or parent may have.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any issues at check off each day or by phone or email. Boarding pupils develop strong links with their Houseparent.

The Matrons and Nurses are key members of the school community. They are in daily contact with the boarders, but also look after the health and welfare of the day children. Parents are always contacted if there is cause for concern. A qualified Nurse is on duty 24 hours a day.

While school assemblies and prayers are firmly grounded in Christian values, S. Anselm's welcomes pupils from all religious backgrounds, providing for the spiritual welfare of all. Pupils meet each morning as a tutor group or as a whole school. On Sundays an evening service at the local parish church.  Parents are always welcome and to join the boarders for supper afterwards. The annual Carol Service for parents and pupils is held at Bakewell Church.

A great deal of care is taken to ensure that all children have a healthy diet. All meals are eaten together in a large dining room and all food is prepared in the school's own kitchens. The children's safety is of paramount importance. The Health and Safety Committee meet frequently and reviews policy continually.

Our aim is to cultivate a happy atmosphere so that children are not just prepared for their next school but learn the basic skills for life.