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Pre-Prep Maths Challenge

Pre-Prep Maths Challenge

Pre-Prep Maths Challenge Morning!

The children in the Pre-prep were greeted on Wednesday morning with a host of different maths games and activities to get them all started. From sudukos, to board games, and coordinates to tessellation patterns, the children enjoyed a great variety of different challenges.

The morning continued with Year 8 and Mr Mortimer joining us for a lesson.    


The pupils in Year 2 were challenged to estimate and accurately measure the dimensions of top and bottom court. It was quickly recognised how fantastic these older students were with their younger counterparts and we very much hope the Year 8s will join us again for a lesson or two in the very near future.


Y1LS started the morning by working out how best to count dots by trying to spot patterns.  Many children noticed 5 dots presented as if on a dice, others spotted rows of 6, groups of 3 or diamonds.

We then moved on to trying to think about scale by making a chair that fitted under a table made out of blocks.  All of the children succeeded brilliantly in this tricky challenge.

Finally, and most excitingly, the children were then challenged to find out if tubes of Smarties had more red smarties in than any other colour.  With the support of some brilliant Year 8 helpers, the children created tally charts to work out if this was the case and each child only ate 3 Smarties in the process!  Great self-control!  The majority of children concluded that packets of Smarties don’t have more red Smarties in than other colours.


In Year one (CD), the children immersed themselves in solving problems in the Pre-Prep garden. We collected leaves, created graphs using natural objects and searched for shapes in the environment around us. We built varying lengths of domino runs and timed how long each one would take to fall down. We predicted which would take the longest and recorded our findings in a table.


Reception had a great morning of problem solving and pattern making. They all had a pattern to follow and then had to continue it. They used beads, pegs, coloured blocks, teddies and shapes. The challenge was on to then make their own continuing pattern. After break we went outside and found shapes on the hockey pitch, tennis and netball courts - then using conkers, fir cones and leaves they had to make different shapes on the ground and tell me how many sides each one had and what it was called. It is fair to say they all know their 2D shape names now.