Pre-Prep Maths Challenge

Pre-Prep Maths Challenge

Pre-Prep Maths Challenge Day

The whole department has enjoyed taking part in a fantastic variety of problem solving and maths investigations throughout the day.

Form 1

The challenge for the morning was to correctly weigh out the ingredients to make play dough. It was great fun and very messy!

Next the challenge was to find different ways to make 6 by putting spots onto a ladybird. It took some doing! But we got there in the end.

After lunch the Maths Challenge took us outside and into nature. The children were given different tasks from collecting the right amount of objects, finding shapes in the environment, counting farm animals to making patterns. Form 1LC were enthusiastic, creative and great mathematicians.What challenges will we face tomorrow I wonder?

Form 2
What a fantastic day we had. The morning was spent learning about coordinates and strategy playing Battleships (with the children forming ‘ships’ whilst the teachers’ battled it out!), and exploring shape and tessellation by playing Tetris and building our own brick walls. In the afternoon we made the most of the sunny weather following a number hunt through the Pre-Prep garden. We had to follow some tricky clues practising our quarter and half turns, and trying to remember left and right. We used the beebots to collect musical instruments and enjoyed sharing some mathematical games with our friends.

Form 3

The children in Form 3 started the day playing various games using their maths halving and doubling skills.

Next they used calculators to solve a very tricky number crossword challenge.

After this they tackled a treasure map investigation.

Finally, they enjoyed a session on probability with Mr Franklin the Head of Maths.