Pre-Prep Sports Day

Pre-Prep Sports Day

The Pre-Prep enjoyed a glorious sunshine filled afternoon of sporting events, including good old traditional races such as the egg & spoon and sack.


Much hilarity was caused by the Form 1 dressing up race- and even more so when the Form 1 parents joined in.

The Form 2 children showed off their athletic skills in the obstacle race, which involved crawling under a bridge, dribbling with a ball, balancing along a rope and hurdling.

Many of the Form 3 children entered the 200m race and demonstrated their impressive running style and stamina around the track.

We all enjoyed the Form 3 finale of the baton relay, which was very closely contested race.

As ever, the competitive nature of the Parent races entertained us all!

Thank you to everyone for all your support. It really was a super afternoon of sport and fun!