S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Pre-Prep Extras

The Pre-Prep prides itself in the amazing amount of after school activities it has to offer each child.

These are largely run at the end of each school day from 3:20 pm to 4:00pm and sometimes during the lunch hour. When the Extras Forms go out there is an excited buzz amongst the children as they discuss and choose their activities with their friends. If you are unsure of what an Extra is about take a look below and find out! More importantly have a go and sign up you are sure to love it.


This is a great Extra for learning how to work well with others. Each week the children explore work on mime, working in role and learning how to develop a character. Co-operation and enthusiasm is the name of the day.


This is not just for boys and is certainly one not to be missed! Come and let off steam, learn how to tackle, pass, dribble, score goals and work as part of a team.


This Extra is a great opportunity to improve your ball skills and start learning the basics of the game of netball. Children will practice throwing and catching, learn how to mark and dodge a partner and have a go at shooting into a net. Lots of good fun!

Short Tennis

Improve your ball skills, develop your fore hand and back hand strokes but above all come and have a good time with your friends in what is a truly sociable game.


If you want to have fun, get fit and improve your running technique, then this is the extra for you. The children really enjoy learning some of the first elements of athletics and they all improve their running, jumping and throwing skills.


Come and enjoy the great outdoors, learn how to plant seeds, care for a garden and dig for minibeasts. Learn how to recycle junk and use the natural materials around you to create master pieces from twigs, flower pots, shoes and bottle tops to name but a few. If you like getting dirty this extra is for you!


Sing your hearts out every week! The children love taking part in our lively and informal choir. We learn action and traditional songs, as well as taking on some more challenging pieces. We often share our music with parents through informal performances, the Summer Concert, and the Christmas play. Last year we even braved the freezing weather and took the choir carol-singing in Buxton.


Learn how to shape, mould, join, glaze and fire clay. Take impressions; create your own pots, ornaments and seasonal decorations. If you love being creative and working with your friends then you will enjoy pottery.

Modern dance

This extra promises to be action packed and is certainly energetic. Warm up to Pop music, learn fun routines and snazzy dance moves! For those of you who want to take it one step further you can work towards possible N.A.T.D. exams.


This is a really fun but more traditional dance class. The children learn the basic principles of Classical Ballet under the watchful eye of fully trained dance teacher Claire Dobbinson.

Arts and Crafts

If you enjoy being creative then this is the Extra for you. From painting, gluing and sticking, to model making and collage – there is something different to do each week.