S. Anselm's School

S. Anselm's Foundation

Foundation Chairman Mark Twelves

S. Anselm’s does not have the advantage of endowments or large reserves of funds. Modest surpluses, created from fee income, are reinvested in the school each year but these are not sufficient to finance bursaries or major developments.

The Foundation is a permanent fundraising organisation which enables parents, pupils and friends of S. Anselm’s to contribute to the future success of the school. It is administered by an independently controlled management board chaired by Mark Twelves, who is a School Governor. In the past few years the Foundation has raised considerable funds for two very worthwhile projects for the school.

The Bursary Fund

At present we have children in receipt of bursaries in nearly every academic year in the school. Funds have been raised through the generosity of the school’s supporters and the Fund was given a much welcome boost when it received a legacy from the late Mrs Brenda Bower. However, at present the Fund is awarding the bursaries from capital and it is in urgent need of additional funds so that these awards can be made from income rather than capital. Today’s financial global climate means that it is extremely difficult to raise funds for the Bursary at present but the Foundation would welcome any donation, however large or small, to help to keep the Bursary Fund solvent.

Capital Development Fund

This fund aims to raise money to enable the school to provide extra facilities which will enhance the children’s lives.

Recently sufficient funds were raised to build the magnificent Foster Building. This houses a 20 metre long swimming pool and a large common room for the children. This much needed facility has transformed the lives of both the boarders and the day children; the pool is used for both swimming lessons and recreation and it is also shared with the local community. The common room provides a haven for the children when it is not possible to play outside; they can relax there, play pool and table tennis, watch television and generally enjoy themselves.

An astroturf pitch will be the next capital project for the School. In 2013-14 S. Anselms is celebrating its' 125 years and we felt calling the project “Astro 125” would not only be an appropriate way to mark the school’s 125th anniversary but also an appropriate project to strive towards.

Making a Donation

Please support the Foundation and help us achieve our aims. Any donation, whether large or small, will help us to get one step nearer to our goals. If you are able to make a substantial donation, we can consider ways in which this can be permanently recognised within the school. Donations can be made in single payments or by monthly contributions by direct debit. UK tax payers are able to gift aid donations which can greatly increase the amount of the donation.

Please call the school office or email headmaster@anselms.co.uk