S. Anselm's School


Organised sports are an integral part of life at S. Anselm's, and almost every child represents the school in a team at some stage.

The excellent facilities ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. We aim to encourage a healthy attitude to sport and personal fitness.

The major boys' sports are rugby, soccer, hockey and cricket but boys may also play tennis. The girls play hockey, netball, tennis and rounders.

Both boys' and girls' teams in all these sports have enjoyed great successes, reflecting the prowess and skill of the players and the enthusiasm and dedication of the coaches.

In addition to the main sports, we field teams in tennis, athletics, cross-country and table-tennis. Gymnastics, trampolining, swimming, badminton, golf, riding, sailing and shooting are also strongly supported and enjoyed by many throughout the school.  Boarders bring their bikes in to school and use them for rides at the weekends.

The four-court Millennium Sports Hall provides an outstanding facility for organised indoor sport as well as for free-time use on wet days, in the evenings and on Sundays.

Outdoors, there are five hard tennis courts, two large games fields, each with several pitches, and a swimming pool.