Pre-Prep Sport is about developing a child’s co-ordination skills and improving their levels of fitness, through appropriate physical challenges and simply having fun! Activities take place both indoors, in the school’s Sports Hall and outdoors, on the extensive playing fields. The school is blessed with an impressive amount of equipment and apparatus which the children love to use.

The Head of Girls and Boys Sport in the Prep school teach the children in Years 1 and 2 for a weekly games lesson. The children also have weekly PE lessons in which they experience a range of dance and gymnastic activities. All children also have a swimming lesson each week in the school’s indoor pool.

We aim to explore, encourage and extend each child’s natural physical abilities and health related knowledge, in order to foster a positive attitude to sport. We hope to achieve a balance between aesthetic and practical, individual, partner and team work, to give each child a sound and broad base from which to achieve success and develop a lifelong love of sport.