S. Anselm's School

Statement of Principles and Aims

We aim to:

  • Ensure that pupils have a rich and diverse education that is fun in a purposeful way.
  • Ensure their education has a vibrancy and modernity that enhances the traditional and Christian values we hold.
  • As a charity we seek to instil the virtues of service to others, to be part of the wider community, and to contribute to the advancement of humanity whenever possible.
  • Ensure pupils are encouraged to think independently and communicate effectively.
  • Ensure they should show consideration for others and respect for staff, learning to express the traditional values of courtesy, tolerance and manners. 
  • Recognise that every boy and girl who joins us at S. Anselm's has specific talents and strengths, and it is our job, working with parents, to help develop these and encourage pupils to also look at new areas of interest which perhaps they would not have considered.
  • Ensure that individual skills and strengths can be identified at an early age, allowing imagination and creativity to flourish, and enabling pupils to learn value in themselves and others.
  • Ensure that the school morally and spiritually prepares them for their teenage years, in a safe, happy and secure environment.