Sunday 13.05.12

Sunday 13.05.12

This was a cracking Sunday and the kids had a fabulous time. The Garden Party and disco on Saturday had been fabulous so everyone was keen for some more activity out in the sunshine.

Mrs Berry applies the war paint at the Garden Party!

Mrs Whawell took a keen bunch of Year 6 boys to the Uppingham Skills Day and they left at the crack of dawn, returning at 6pm having had a tremendous time.

Mrs Lings delivered a very special service in the morning that encouraged us all to appreciate the now and to enjoy the sun on our backs, our friends, our family and all those things that are priceless but not costly. The collection was for Christian Aid and for Mr Weller's cousin who lived for a week on five pounds in sympathy for the many thousands who live below the poverty line in the UK. 

Soon after this we went off on our various trips. The Eatons took a small group down to do some plate painting in Bakewell, whilst Mr Berry took an elite force of well over forty crack S. Anselm's troops to Brailsford for some paintball. They had a magnificent time, ably assisted by Mrs Young, Mr Smith and Mr Wood. The Green team won I am told! There might even be a bit of video footage posted by Mr Berry in the next few days - it is not quite "Platoon" but there is a great deal of paint flying about he says!

It is all smiles before battle commences!

I wouldn't want to meet this lot on a dark night!

Mr Mace took some of the younger lads down to Ashford where we paddled, made mud pies and played a bit of cricket before munching on enormous ice-creams and slurping delicious hot chocolates with "the works"!

Glory days!

Just messing about on the river!


Now just exactly how do attack this?


After a lovely roast that evening, those Year 8's with CE exams ahead managed to settle down to some revision in preparation for the French oral exams next week.

Well done everyone and thanks to the staff for the tremendous work they put in this weekend to ensure everything went well.