Sunday 1st July

Sunday 1st July

This was, as expected, a lovely Sunday and a fitting end to the year for all our boarders.

After a slap up breakfast Mr Weller delivered a super Sunday service. As a "Songs of Praise" service we had plenty of excellent singing and listened to the choir with support from Bertie S on the drums, Amelia W on the trumpet and Elfreda C-E on the flute. The message was simple - be determined and make the very most of each day and every challenge. A great message to receive after a year of activity and adventure for the boarders.

Then it was off on the epic Chatsworth Walk. Despite some rather blowy weather and some sporadic showers we had a super day. The pictures below give you a flavour of the walk and the beautiful sights we saw. All the children were a great pleasure and thank you to the parents who made great efforts to join us and who laid out some fabulous picnics.

Up and over!

Heading down to Edensor..... spectacular!

British picnicing in the drizzle ..... the overseas pupil are bemused!

Friends forever!

Oh dear! Look at this funny lot....

Ah! That's better!

Soon after a slap up supper in the dining hall, tired heads hit pillows and the sounds of snores were echoing through the corridors as the children  prepared themselves for the last fun packed week. Well done to everyone involved!