S. Anselm's School

Trips and Events

Throughout the year the Pre-Prep enjoy participating in a wide range of events and outings. These are often related to topics being covered in class or are relevant to specific times of the year.

Regular events which happen each year include;

  • Autumn concert involving all pupils
  • Outing to Chatsworth House nativity
  • Pancake Races
  • Theatre trips to Sheffield and Buxton
  • Easter egg hunt Class assemblies to which parents are invited
  • Sports Day
  • Painted Plate visits school
  • Summer concert involving all pupils
  • Fundraising events for a range of charities
  • Form 2 visits Sudbury Hall toy museum
  • Form 3 bbq and camping night 
  • Form 3 visit Bakewell church and museum
  • Bonfire Night

As well as these regular events the department also likes to arrange “one-off” activities, whole days or even themed weeks in which the children’s learning can really be enriched.

In recent years these have included the following events;

  • Science day with activities run by Prep school staff and a visit by the Zoo Lab Company.  
  • Arts week with a programme of activities ranging from visiting a sculpture exhibition, beading, printing, mosaic and modelling work.
  • Theatre group Babbling Vagabonds running a drama workshop.  
  • Environmental week with the children involved in a host of exciting activities, culminating in building their own “rainforest” in the assembly room and the RSPB visiting to run a workshop with each class.