Saturday afternoon brought perfect conditions for our 2019 Mud Run which took place up on Top Field – a light drizzle fell adding the the already slippery and muddy conditions.

Every child from the Prep School (Year 3 upwards) and College competed on behalf of their School Houses, and many claimed it was the best such event in memory.  There was a hay bale tunnel and leaf covered cargo net to crawl through, numerous obstacles along the route and a large water jump to navigate, which many did in considerable style!

Four races took place during the afternoon:  Seniors, Middles, College and Juniors – with each becoming successively more muddy.   Mrs Whawell did a marvellous job of warming up each race team prior to their starting whistle whilst Mr Hearne, suitable attired in welly boots and equipped with his own rubber, took charge of the water jump!

Thank you to all the pupils and staff whose true S. Anselm’s spirit made the event such a success.  Special thanks are due to our grounds team, Jason and Jonty for the enormous amount of preparation that went into setting up the course!

Please see right for all the results.


Prep School Results

Girls overall:

First:  Pitts

Second:  Wellies

Third:  Churchills

Fourth:  Nelsons

Boys overall:

First:  Churchills

Second:  Nelsons

Third:  Pitts

Fourth:  Wellies

Combined overall:

First:  Pitts

Second:  Churchills

Third:  Nelsons

Fourth:  Wellies


College Results

First:  Pankhurst

Second:  Earhart

Third:  Curie

Race Results

Years 3 & 4:

First:  Elsa
Second:  Elizabeth
Third:  Lucy

First:  William P
Second: Stanley
Third:  Morris

Years 5 & 6:

First:  Bea
Second:  Lydia
Third:  Isabella

First:  Zach
Second:  Freddie L
Third:  Oscar

Years 7 & 8:

First:  Ava
Second:  Annabelle
Third:  Eve

First:  Freddie H
Second:  Hugo
Third:  Charlie


First:  Joshua
Second:  Bruno
Third:  Bob

First:  Emily
Second:  Alexandria
Third:  Katie