On Friday afternoon, all our Prep School pupils from Year 3 through to Year 8 took to the local moors above Baslow and Curbar – crossing the Penrose and Thorpe Family Farms – to run the spectacular and challenging Brailich Hill Run.

This was the first time in three years that we have been able to stage this event and for once, the sun shone for us – in the past, pupils have battled the elements, with rain being a regular feature, as well as hail and snow!   A military operation was required to ensure all pupils and staff reached the venue, changed and having had lunch for 2.00pm and then returned safely to school again at the end.  Our thanks to all the staff for ensuring the event ran smoothly; from ground staff Jason and Jonty for their great course set up; to the teaching staff for their marshaling, supporting, finish line roles, recording and calculating of results; Mrs Seddon for her first aid support and timekeeping; Mrs Schaper for her photography; and Jo and Karen for providing the much needed refreshments at the finish – many thanks to them all.

A special thank you to our hares – Kai and Henry from Arkwright, Sam for running with the seniors and our very own Mr Critchlow, who was the hare for the junior race, running it in costume as a bear!

Parents turned out in droves to support our runners, with everyone enjoying the chance to watch this whole school event whilst basking in the sunshine!

Few schools would even consider putting on such an event for their pupils; but full credit to all our pupils for showing such character, determination and resilience getting to the top of this 2.8km long, steep course and giving the supporters so much to cheer about.  Once at the top of Baslow Edge, the views are spectacular, with the Eagle Rock standing out resplendent in the middle of the moorland panorama and the final ascent to the finish line at Curbar Gap, where the atmosphere was fantastic. Thanks finally to Mr Penrose and Mr Thorpe for kindly allowing us to run across their land and enjoy a route with such breath-taking scenery.


Congratulations to Zach who was overall fastest, (keeping it in the family), and his name will be added to the Brailich Hill Run honours board in the Dining Hall.  The top five in each event and the winning Houses for each event, are listed below:


Juniors (Years 3 and 4):                                                                                                                                                                          

Girls – 1st – Rita (Wellingtons); 2nd – Nancy (Pitts); 3rd  –  Alice (Pitts); 4th  – Denver (Churchills); 5th – Cleo (Nelsons)

Boys – 1st – Lawrence (Pitts); 2nd – Caleb (Wellingtons); 3rd – Vesey (Wellingtons)’ 4th – Lewis (Pitts); 5th – Toby (Nelsons)


Middles (Years 5 and 6):                                                                                                                                                                         

Girls – 1st – Elsa (Pitts); 2nd – Elizabeth (Pitts); 3rd  – Elspeth (Pitts); 4th – Matilda (Wellingtons); 5th – Grace (Nelsons)                                                                                                                                                                          Boys – 1st  – Will (Wellingtons); 2nd – Oliver (Wellingtons); 3rd – Morris (Nelsons); 4th – Alex (Nelsons); 5th – Edward (Pitts)


Seniors (Years 7 and 8):                                                                                                                                                                         

Girls – 1st– Bea (Nelsons); 2nd– Isabella (Churchills); 3rd– Emma (Wellingtons); 4th– Ruby (Churchills); 5th– Francesca (Nelsons)

Boys – 1st – Zach (Churchills); 2nd – Edward (Churchills); 3rd – Bruno (Churchills); 4th – Oscar (Pitts); 5th – Arthur (Pitts)


Girls’ Results: 1st place = Churchills, 2nd place = Pitts, 3rd place = Wellingtons, 4th place = Nelsons

Boys’ results: 1st place = Pitts, 2nd place = Churchills, 3rd place = Wellingtons, 4th place = Nelsons

Combined Results (with overall house mean score): 1st place = Pitts (8.8); 2nd place = Churchills (9.9); 3rd place = Wellingtons (12.1); 4th place = Nelsons (12.6). How close are these!


Fastest Prep School Runner overall – Zach (Churchills) 7 minutes 43 seconds 


Events such as this are certainly what makes S. Anselm’s so unique and special, what a memorable afternoon!

Of course, the scenery never fails to afford some fabulous photographic opportunities, and you can enjoy the pictures below.  Click on any image to enlarge it.