Year 3 enjoyed their return to school by spending their first day back at Creswell Crags to learn about life in the Stone Age. The pupils were given a variety of exciting tasks throughout the day which included a walk around the gorge, finding hidden caves and a visit into a real cave where Stone Age people would have lived.

The children also enjoyed looking at all the artefacts in the museum and discovering how the limestone gorge has changed throughout the different eras. The highlights of the day were piecing back together the skeletons of creatures such as cave lions, hyenas, foxes and wolves and trying different survival skills. These included tracking animal footprints, spear throwing and learning how to make fire.

They all returned to school completely inspired and ready to create their own Stone Age dwellings in the school grounds. Once the children have set up their village, we will be recording ‘through the key hole’ clues for parents to guess ‘Who lives in a house like this?’