Year 3 have loved their first week back at school!  They have really appreciated seeing all of their friends, teachers and being in the beautiful school surroundings.  They have listened carefully to each other and relished the opportunity to share some of the fantastic work they have completed during the previous weeks of remote learning.

As our Aztec (the founders of chocolate!) Project draws to a close, the children have delighted in showcasing their own-design chocolate bars, wrappers, recipes and brands.

They have watched all the tantalizing chocolate bar TV adverts created by the children to try to ‘persuade’ people to buy their new chocolate bars, and displayed their chocolate factory models in the school foyer for everyone to appreciate.  Apart from the wonderous and colourful designs, each factory has been constructed to use different forces to make its components move.

In the Junior Forms Assembly last week, Mr Mace, our Head of English, commended the persuasive skills demonstrated in the TV advertisements, and announced the winners of the Lent Term Persuasive Writing Competition.    Congratulations to Alice, Constantine and Rita, who were awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold prizes.

With Easter fast approaching, we recommend that parents prepare themselves to meet with enhanced persuasive powers this year … especially now that our appetite for chocolate has been so effectively whetted!

Click on any image to enlarge it and do scroll down to watch some of the children’s TV adverts.

Year 3 Chocolate TV Advertisements