Our Reception children have loved listening to the story of ‘The Mixed-up Chameleon’ by Eric Carle (creator of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’).  He was always wanting to change himself to be like the other animals, instead of being happy to be himself.
The children thought that he was best just the way he was and set out to do a research project to find out more about amazing chameleons.  They created information pages on what chameleons look like and where they live, as well as creating some magnificent habitat boxes and model chameleons.
Rose was even lucky enough to hold a real-life chameleon at home, which changed from a neutral, sandy colour to wonderful, vibrant colours depending on its background.  Its beautiful baby was too tiny and delicate for her to hold, but everyone was thrilled to see a lovely photograph.
Most of the children thought that the chameleons’ rotating eyes were their most impressive feature!

Mrs Taylor was absolutely delighted with the children’s writing, artwork and creative models, in response to everything they discovered about these impressive creatures and how they live.