On Friday 16th November, College pupils from Kinder gathered in the Innovation Studio to present their coding project on ‘Animal Allies’.

Each team had identified a problem involving the interaction between people and animals and had designed their own solution by programming some instructions on the school iPads to control some LEGO robotics.

The final stage of the project was to present their solutions to a panel of expert judges consisting of Mr Phillips, Mr Critchlow, Mr Scroggs and Mr and Mrs Mycock.

A sensor controlled gate

An automated milking parlour

The ‘Cow Dog’

The teams chose to present a sensor controlled gate system, an automated milking parlour and a ‘Cow Dog’ capable of fetching the cows in from the fields.

Each team introduced their concept and then pitched how it might make the lives of farmers and livestock better before fielding questions from the judges.  Finally they were judged on their presentation skills and their technical aptitude.

Each team demonstrated their ability to problem solve, their team work and their communication skills as well as an improved understanding of the benefits and challenges of creating automated systems.

Many thanks to our judges and to Kinder pupils for their efforts in making this project a great success!